About p’suade ...

p’suade has evolved a leading video messaging technology tailored specifically for use by Real-Estate and Letting agencies. The system allows you to send ’Persuasions’, or mini-marketing messages, to both your clients, and prospective clients, at key points in their customer journey, winning you more instructions whilst delivering information in a new and exciting way and providing a major point of difference from your competitors.

As easy as 1-2-3...

1. Choose your Persuasion ...

Simply choose the persuasion that you want to send to the customer from the drop-down list in the p’suade mobile application…



2. Record your video message

… enter the customer name and mobile detail then shoot your video. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right first time, simply delete and take again!

3. Send your message.

Press send, and your video messaging persuasion will be uploaded and sent to the recipient via SMS and or email.

1. Choose …

A ‘Persuasion’ is a video messaging marketing tool that’s tailored to deliver the most benefit to the client.

Simply choose the relevant persuasion from the menu. Each Persuasion is already pre-populated with information so they couldn’t be easier to use.

As well as the personal message, persuasions can include a ‘follow-on’ corporate video or links to properties or offers that the client might find of interest.

2. Record …

Simply enter the name, telephone number and/or the email of the person you are sending your persuasion to then simply shoot your video.

Once you’ve recorded your video messaging, you can watch it back and accept or delete and make another one until you are happy that you’ve got everything just as you want it.

3. Send …

Press send and your persuasion will upload over Wifi or 4G or you can save and upload later. When the receiver opens your message you can be alerted by a text and/or email.  


The p’suade system allows you to see all the messages that have been sent by user, type, date, property, recipient and also shows when each individual message has been opened and read.

Many clients will often give nice comments and rate the high-level of service which is often then shared on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Powerful processors upload and deliver your Persuasion messages with instant replay to the client as soon as they open the persuasion on their mobile phone or from their email Inbox.

All communications run through secure SSL servers based in the UK.


The p’suade Academy delivers a unique blend of training and best practice modules for Estate Agents to maximise their return from using the platform.

Foundation Program

1, 2 and 3 day courses – Onsite team workshops and ‘one to one’ coaching to implement the Psuade tools and get your team engaged and active straight out of the gate.

eLearning platform

A unique course of a modular structure with initial Level 1 to a level 5 ability which guides and encourages your team to maximise engagements and for individuals to grow their confidence at their own speed and ability. Each course when completed delivers a certificate of merit.

Regional Seminars

Regular regional events take place throughout the UK at which members of your team will attain best practices shared from around the country. These events are geared towards having fun, something that the attendees will enjoy, understand, practice, remember and apply!

P’suade Webinars

p’suade webinars are held on an 8 week recurring cycle and are interactive and engaging in real-time. The webinars are prepared to coach and maximise client success based and underpinned by the core p’suade principles of proactive video engagement techniques.

On-site training

Our on-site courses are not just about imparting knowledge and teaching how to use Persuasions and Persuasion techniques, they are also about building confidence and boosting enthusiasm. The purpose of the course is to have all customer facing personnel understand and embrace all of their available communication options to achieve maximum results and use of their time and activity.

Management Session

How it works, business case and testimonials. Using the p’suade platform to maximise effectiveness covering the system management, app utilisation, mentoring and monitoring your team’s performance.


Team workshop sessions

Covering established and emerging social communication, Applications (App’s) Social and Web services and why there’s a need for a B2C secure messaging platform, finalised with role-play and 1 to 1 practice sessions.

p’suade Live

Using the p’suade communication platform to active sellers and buyer. The customer experience via SMS and email, reviewing the client feedback.

End of day Q&A

Each member of the team is sent an individual multiple choice eLearning module. Each person who successfully completes the eLearning module will receive a p’suade certificate of merit.

Arrange a demonstration

Our friendly team are here to help and advise with any questions you may have.

Email: info@psuade.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1625 466646

Address: Psuade Limited, Rookery View, Pexhill Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9PY

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